Meet Plotagon

Turning writers into filmmakers since 2013

Plotagon was founded with the dream to turn every keyboard into a magical typewriter that converts ideas into videos through the combined power of technology and animation. Plotagon’s original visual style evolved into today’s distinctive look, but the method has remained unchanged: computer gaming technology + classic film production + old-fashioned screenwriting

Since then, over 1.6 million people and counting have used Plotagon to express themselves and enrich the lives of friends, loved ones and strangers alike. Along the way, these same users have redefined Plotagon and turned it into something much greater.

Today, a global community of teachers, professors, tutors, corporate trainers and citizens uses animation to educate students, employees, colleagues and the public at large. This knowledge transfer takes place in physical classrooms, on mobile devices and in virtual elearning portals. Plotagon is proud to help these professionals mint and distribute the twenty-first century’s greatest currency of all: Education

About Plotagon

  • Founded in 2013. Privately held.
  • CEO and Chief Evangelist Filip Grufman.
  • Headquartered in the Norrmalm district of the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 10 key personnel on 3 continents, including developers, growth marketers, content creators and executives.
  • Board of Directors includes some of the most experienced investors, entrepreneurs, technologists and media professionals in Scandinavia.