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Plotagon’s in-house team of artists and 3D designers has created a virtual world unlike any other: faces that are diverse, friendly and full of recognizable emotions; clothing that is creative and attractive; and scenes that are familiar and versatile.

Dynamic content for
dynamic audiences

Increase Engagement

Converse with your audience using friendly, empathetic faces and familiar spaces.

Enhance Clarity

Show, don’t tell, with scenario-based instruction and demonstrations.

Improve Retention

Convert written messages into memorable multimedia experiences.

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Animation that stands out

Make your videos stand out from the competition with 3D animation, including customizable characters and 200+ original scenes.

Animated doctor's office scene

Write your script, press play

Plotagon’s easy User Interface features point-and-click characters and drag-and-drop scripts. Start making animated videos in no time.

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Performance and security

Our downloadable application is fast and secure. Produce 4K resolution video with 3D animation on your Windows computer.

Success Stories

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Animated videos for
compliance training

With help from customized artwork and Plotagon’s intuitive User Interface, Hong Kong Airlines uses Plotagon’s easy and friendly animation to make dynamic training for pilots of all ages and experience levels.

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Scenario-based curriculum for today's students
and tomorrow's workforce

Western Sydney University creates educational scenarios using Plotagon Studio. See these samples from the School of Nursing that help students understand and diagnose patient needs

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Animated videos power anti-racism outreach campaign

Swedish NGO Teskedsorden created an app-based campaign for teenagers. Plotagon's animated videos illustrate everyday stories of immigration and empathy.

What our Expert USers Say

Tracy Carroll avatar

It’s great to use something that’s inherently engaging. Animation is inherently engaging. Besides, Plotagon is just so fun to work with.”

Tracy Carroll
Instructional Designer

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“It puts a little bit of the fun to what we want to transfer across, and actually people listen to it rather than just reading though a dull message.”

Stelios Goules
Hong Kong Airlines

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