Animate your Message with PLOTAGON

Turn ordinary text into video and communicate in a way that resonates

Plotagon for Windows

Dynamic content for
dynamic audiences

Increase Engagement

Converse with your audience using friendly, empathetic faces and familiar spaces.

Enhance Clarity

Show, don’t tell, with scenario-based instruction and demonstrations.

Improve Retention

Convert written messages into memorable multimedia experiences.

See the 1 minute demonstration

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Play Video

Create your own videos  
with Plotagon

Turn ideas into animated videos. No experience required
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Animation that stands out

Make your videos stand out with 3D animation, including customizable characters and 200+ original scenes.

Animated doctor's office scene

Write your script, press play

Plotagon’s easy User Interface features point-and-click characters and drag-and-drop scripts. Start making animated videos in no time.

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Performance and security

Our downloadable application is fast and secure. Produce 3D animated videos in up to 4K resolution.