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Plotagon Studio

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With this app, we aspire to enable anyone with an idea to effortlessly make professional-looking animated videos.

Plotagon Studio comes with a rich library of visual content and creative tools to help bring your stories to life.

Have you got an idea and wonder what to do next? Follow along:

  1. Download this app, obviously!
  2. Start creating a Plot. Plots are intuitive storyboards that help you easily organize, preview, and develop your story.
  3. Pick a location that visualizes your story.
  4. Add actors. Create them yourself or pick ones from our library.
  5. Write dialogues, record voice overs, give your actors emotions and actions, add audio effects.
  6. Develop your story with our creative tools that allow you to be a video editor in-app. Change camera angles, apply fades and filters.
  7. Save the Plot as a video file. Share your film masterpiece with friends, family, and on social media!

That’s it! Seven easy steps to becoming the next big content creator internet sensation! Educate, entertain and inspire with the best DIY animated movie maker!