Back up your work in progress

Plotagon Studio is a local application (rather than cloud-based), which offers some great advantages to you, the user. The performance is faster, and there’s no risk that our systems will get hacked, because your work stays safe on your own hard drive. But with that comes the responsibility to back up your work.

You can always download and install the latest version of the Plotagon Studio application from our website, but you will need to back up the folder that contains your characters and movies. If you have a backup application like Backblaze, Crashplan or Carbonite, be sure to back up the Plotagon Studio folder located in the C:\ProgramData\ folder of your Windows computer.

Archive your finished projects

At Plotagon, we create a lot of movies. Sometimes, we want to revisit earlier projects, either to update content and demonstrate new features, or to re-export movies to take advantage of improvements like HD resolution or volume controls. That makes it essential to save and archive projects so you can easily find and edit them if you need to make changes. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to do this.

Rendered Video with SRT file. 1080p is sufficient for most online video distribution today, but if you want to show your videos on large TVs or display screens, then you should consider rendering your videos in 4K resolution. (Keep in mind that this will take longer and result in a larger file size.) You can always add subtitles later, but you can’t take them away, so it’s safest to save the video with subtitles in an external file. Plotagon will then give you an MP4 video file for the movie and a SRT text file with the subtitles.

Export Plot. The Export Plot feature will combine your script, voice recordings, and any characters that appear in the film into a single .plot file. This is an easy way to send it to another user for collaboration purposes, but it’s also a great way to back up your work. If you need to restore your project (or just go back to an earlier version), then you can use the Import Plot feature, and the project will appear once again with “(copy)” in the name so you can work on it as a new film.

Background music. The Export Plot feature may not include any custom music or sound effects that you have imported, so you should archive these audio files alongside your movie files.

Export script as PDF file. Just click the “PDF” icon and save a screenplay of your script for future reference. Note that this will not work if you have any hidden Beta codes in your script.

Plotagon Security and Backup