Become a Plotagon pro

Plotagon’s unique User Interface is designed to be so easy that anyone — and we mean anyone — can make an animated movie. But behind Plotagon Studio’s intuitive and simple design lies a remarkably powerful filmmaking tool. Meet the program, get the most out of digital voices, import images and add special effects, and much more in this series of tutorials.

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Backups & archives

Plotagon Studio offers the highest security there is: your own. Learn how to back up the animated movies that you have in progress, and to safely store your finished animation masterpieces.


All about sound

Plotagon Studio is a rich animation application, but it also takes sound seriously. See how you can import music, sounds and dialogue, and to balance the levels to perfection.


Digital voice effects

Combine Plotagon’s visual expressions with matching sounds using the digital voices. Make your characters laugh, cough, and whistle just like their real-life counterparts.


Meet Plotagon Studio

See how you can create characters and movies with Plotagon Studio, the world's easiest animation application, in this 5-minute overview.


Record great dialogue

Your computer’s built-in microphone exists for convenience, not quality. Adjust your hardware and environment to create voice dialogue recordings that are worthy of your 4K animated video.


Use fades and transitions

Use cinematic effects like fades and transitions to show the passage of time, or just to add a professional polish to your animated movies.