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Create your own characters and avatars

Create 3D animated actors with a huge library of outfits, hairstyles and accessories. See how easy or fun it is to animate yourself.

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Location, Location, Location

Plotagon offers over 200 unique and colorful 3D scenes, all created by our in-house Art team.

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Write dialogue, press play

Plotagon Story is so intuitive that anyone can learn to use it in minutes. When you finish, export your movies as MP4 files.

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Give voice to your characters

Plotagon features lifelike digital voices from the Acapela Group, starting with the American English voices Rod and Karen.

Color your world

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Plotagon Story

For individual storytellers
  • Price: Free to download, with Bronze, Silver and Gold plans
  • Record your own voice
  • OS: Android & iOS
  • MP4 export resolution: 720p
  • Free version comes with selected voices, scenes and clothes, characters
  • Please note that Plotagon Story does not include YouTube monetization rights. If you wish to make animated films for your business or advertising-based YouTube channel, then Plotagon Studio may be the right choice for you.

Plotagon Studio

For businesses, nonprofits, professionals, educators, students
  • Price: Monthly or annual Business, Individual and Academic plans
  • Record your own voice
  • OS: Windows
  • MP4 export resolution: 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K
  • Import music, voice audio, images
  • Import/Export tools
  • Commerical Rights

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Frequently asked questions

Plotagon Story FAQ

Plotagon is an application for iOS and Android that lets anyone create animated characters and videos in seconds. It features our unique point-and-click Character Creator as well as an intuitive scriptwriting interface. Write your script, choose characters, and press play to see your story come to life in animated video.

Plotagon is available for iOS and Android to use on a wide selection of iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Review our system requirements to make sure you will be able to use it on your device.

If you want to use Plotagon on a Windows computer, you can download and subscribe to Plotagon Studio, and get even more features and content!

Plotagon Story is free to download and use. It includes four preinstalled characters and two preinstalled scenes, and you can download additional characters and scenes for free. Using our built-in Character Creator, you can even make your own customized characters and avatars.

Purchase a Bronze, Silver or Gold subscription to get even more scenes, characters and clothing. 

Plotagon Story also includes two American English digital voices, Rod and Karen. Our in-application store sells additional digital voices in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and many more languages!

The Plotagon Story User Interface is available in a range of languages, including English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese, but it is so visual and easy that anyone can learn to use it, regardless of what languages you understand. 

You can make movies in any language by recording your voice for dialogue, and the application will sync the characters lips to the sound of your voice.

Plotagon Story also includes male and female English-language digital voices, and we have dozens of other voices in a range of languages available for purchase. Learn more about our range of digital voices from the Acapela Group.

You can use your Plotagon Story videos for fun, for school, and in private or in public, including on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. However, Plotagon Story does not include commercial monetization rights. If you want to make money using your Plotagon videos (such as on a YouTube channel with advertising), then we recommend that you use Plotagon Studio instead. Plotagon Studio includes advanced content and features as well as commercial rights to the movies you make. Consult our Terms of Use for more information.

You can purchase a Bronze, Silver or Gold subscription to get additional characters and scenes in the In-App store. On iPhone and iPad, you use your Apple ID. On Android you use your Google Play Store account.

You can use them on your own personal devices, such as on your own iPhone and your iPad. When you install Plotagon Story on your new device, log into your account. When you create your characters and scripts, you will be able to download the content that is available to you under your subscription plan.

If you can’t remember the password for your account you can get a new one here. Please note that you will need to have an email address that is connected to your account. If you don’t receive the email with your new password, check your spam filter!

You can save your video as an MP4 file to your device’s camera roll. From there, you can share it with friends, or on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media or video-sharing services.

Plotagon is a video-making tool, and while you are free to write what you wish in your scripts, you also are responsible for the content. We certainly hope that you won’t make videos with sexually explicit, profane or obscene language, or videos with hateful and racist content. You also cannot legally steal dialogue from famous movies, TV shows or any other copyrighted content. Please see our Terms of Use to learn more about your rights and responsibilities when using Plotagon.

You own the rights to your stories. However, Plotagon owns the characters, environments, animations, music, sounds, etc. that come with the application. Please see our Terms of Use for more information about ownership rights.

Try to keep each Plot (Plotagon movie) to under 5 minutes if possible. That will keep your script down to a length that is easy to edit and allow your device to export the MP4 movie files quickly. You can always edit multiple plots into a longer movie using a separate movie editing application.

The amount of time needed to render a video depends on the length of the script, the complexity (especially if you add voice recordings and background music), and the speed of the processor on the device that you are using. 

Tip: Restart the Plotagon Story app just before you render the video, especially if you have worked on your plot for a long time. This will ensure the app has enough memory to render the video properly.

You need to be online to log in to the app, to purchase a subscription or to download content. Thumbnail images of scenes might not be available if you are not online, and if you have not downloaded scenes or clothes they will not be available to use until you go online again. But you can create characters, write scripts and render video using the content that you have even when you are offline.

Your scripts and your custom characters are saved locally on your phone or tablet, so it is not possible to continue creating them on a different device.

No, this is not possible. All of the Plotagon characters use the same rig (digital skeleton), so the faces, hair, makeup and all the clothing and accessories are designed to work specifically with that rig. Additionally, the moviemaker automatically directs characters to look at each other’s faces at the same height. 

There are other ways to add variety to your characters. Some of the faces are a little heavier than others, and you can change the tone of the digital voices to suggest different ages. We also sell a number of child digital voices.

Each individual scene can only have 2 characters at a time, but it is possible to edit together multiple scenes to make it appear as though there are up to 4 characters in a location at a time. See this article to learn how.

There are a few outdoor walking scenes, but for the most part the characters must either sit or stand in each location. This is done for technical reasons and to simplify the User Interface.