Security & file storage

Security: What we do and don’t store online

Plotagon stores the following information on its servers:

  • Your name, email address and password in a secure database in order to verify your login credentials. When you log in to the Plotagon Studio application, Plotagon will confirm that your username and password match our records and that you have an active subscription. 

  • Your billing information, in order to securely charge your credit card.

  • Anonymized user data so we can improve the application and fix bugs on a regular basis.

Plotagon does not have access to your scripts or characters. These remain on your hard drive and wherever you make backup copies of your computer files. 

In other words: we have no idea what you are writing in your videos.

Where your Plotagon content lives

You can find your Plotagon characters, clothing, scenes and voices as well as your customized characters, scripts and related files in the C:\ProgramData\ folder on your Windows computer.

If you are running a backup program like Backblaze or Carbonite, be sure to include this folder in your backup to make sure your work is protected. Learn more about backup and archiving best practices

Upgrading software or hardware

Most Plotagon Studio upgrades are minor changes to the User Interface that are pushed out automatically. (You may be prompted to apply a new update.) From time to time, however, we may prompt you to download a new version of the application. When you install the new version, the application will retain the current Plotagon Studio folder and automatically import your existing characters and scripts.

If you are upgrading to a new computer, be sure to copy the “Plotagon Studio” folder to your new computer and place it in either the C:\ProgramData\ folder on your Windows computer. Then download and install the Plotagon Studio application, which will detect the existing folder and import your content.

Learn more about transferring files from one computer to another.