Save your video file

When you are ready to turn your script into an MP4 video file, click the Render video button and then choose your export resolution and subtitling option.

Video rendering options

720p The lowest of the standard HD resolution levels, this is fine for creating drafts with small file sizes that are easy to share with colleagues online.
1080p This is the current standard for online video display and is suitable for most online projects. The resulting video file will be approximately 50 MB per minute of rendered video.
1440p A high-quality resolution that will look excellent on desktop and laptop screens.
4K This is the latest technology for displaying video on large televisions, computer monitors and presentation screens. Note that exporting this video typically will take twice as long as 1080p and may be taxing for older computer processors.


Plotagon Studio offers three options for including subtitles or captions with your video:

  • Export with embedded subtitles. This will turn the dialogue text into subtitles that appear on the bottom of the scene.

  • Export with subtitles in external file. This will save your video without any subtitles onscreen, but it will save the dialogue as a .SRT text file with timestamps for Closed Captions. You can upload this file to video sharing sites along with your video.

  • Export without subtitles