Digital Voices

Digital voices

Plotagon utilizes digital voices from the Acapela Group, which allow your animated characters to speak with lifelike clarity. To manage your digital voices:

  • Click on the Settings button (the gear icon ⚙︎) in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Click the text “Manage voices”.

  • Install or Uninstall your digital voices as needed.

Plotagon sells additional digital voices in a range of languages and accents. To see the full list and link to the voice store, visit the Plotagon Voices page.



Assign your characters their digital voices

Each character can have one digital voice, which you can assign in the Character Creator. (You can also adjust the pitch of the character’s voice.) 

To have a character speak with a different voice (such as another language), then you can utilize the Copy Character function to create another version of the character that has a different voice.

Note that all the default characters that come with Plotagon use the default American English voices, Rod and Karen. Because you cannot edit these characters in the Character Creator, it is not possible to assign them different digital voices.

If you try to have a character with an English voice read a text that is written in Spanish, then the result will be English pronunciation and accent. 



Advanced voice techniques

Your animated characters will read your dialogue accurately, but sometimes you may wish to adjust the timing or pronunciation. Here are a few tips:

  • You can add a pause to your lines of dialogue by inserting a comma, or breaking sentences into different dialogue items. (Note that if you add a period or question mark then the inflection may change.)

  • If you want your character to pronounce an unusual word, such as a made-up word or a product name, then you may need to experiment with the spelling to achieve the desired result. Start by spelling the word phonetically, or splitting it into multiple words.

  • Note that some voices have prerecorded phrases (e.g., “Ah hah!!” or “Amazing!”). These will vary by individual voice and/or language. See the full list of available exclamations on the Acapela Group’s website.

You can also add digital voice effects like coughing or laughter by inserting codes into your dialogue like #COUGH01# or #LAUGH01#. The range of sounds will vary by language. See the full list of vocal sound effects on the Acapela Group’s website. By pairing the voice effects with Plotagon’s animations, you can create realistic visual and audio combinations that will enrich your videos.

See this tutorial for more information and tips on how to get the most out of your digital voices.