Create your 3D animated characters

On the Characters tab, click + Create new.

, Create your 3D animated characters

Export specifications

Plotagon offers several export options:

  • Plotagon Studio exports video in the MP4 format. When you export your video, you may choose 720p, 1080p, 1440p or 4K resolution.

  • The video export function also gives you the option to export subtitles in a separate .SRT file. Learn more about subtitles and captions.

  • You can export your script as a PDF by clicking the PDF icon in the Plot creator screen.

  • When you click the “Export Plot” button, it will save your script as a .PLOT file that includes any characters that appear in the script as well as any dialogue voice recordings. It does not include any background images, music or sound effects (for copyright reasons).

The speed of the video export will depend on your computer’s processing power, the length of the video and the video export resolution. A 4K video, for example, may take twice as long to render as a 1080p video.

Experience the 3D animation

Plotagon’s characters are all in 3D, so you can always click on a face and drag to the left or right to see how it looks from different angles.

, Create your 3D animated characters
, Create your 3D animated characters
, Create your 3D animated characters

Download additional 3D animated content

Wherever a face, item of clothing or accessory appears in a lighter shade (or if it has a curved arrow over it) it means you need to download the item, or that there is an updated version available. Click the icon download the item, and then the icon will appear in full color.

, Create your 3D animated characters
, Create your 3D animated characters

Choose your background colour

You can change the background color for the Character Creator by clicking on the palette icon, and then either choosing a preset color or entering a hex code.

, Create your 3D animated characters

Animate your character

To see how your character will look when performing an action, click the text bubble with the smile icon, and then select an animation or expression from the list.

, Create your 3D animated characters

Mug for the camera

At any point, you can take a snapshot of your character by clicking the camera icon. Then click the Share button to save the image to disk.

, Create your 3D animated characters

Manage your characters

On the character gallery screen, you can click the three dots beneath any character to do one of the following actions:

  • Rename character. Choose a new name for the character.

  • Delete character. Poof! You cannot undo this action. 

  • Copy character. Make an exact replica of a character, so you can create another version without having to begin from scratch. For example, you may want to have different versions of the character for work, in casual clothes, with different hairstyles, etc. Or you could have the same character but assign a voice in another language (Jennifer English, Jennifer Spanish, etc.).

, Create your 3D animated characters

Now you are ready to customize your 3D animated character.