Plotagon Studio User Guide

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Getting Started with Plotagon Studio

Download the application, create your free account, and log in.

Plotagon Studio Subscriptions

Subscribe, remove the watermark, add users, and refer users to earn free months.

Technical overview

Hardware requirements, hard drive space, and file formats.

Security & Storage

Back up your work or upgrade the software or your computer.


Import images & sounds, and export your videos for publishing and collaboration.


Character Avatar Creator Image

Create your 3D animated characters

Create, copy, and manage your customized 3D characters.

Character Avatar Creator Image Red Apron

Customize your 3D animated characters

Choose faces, hair, clothing, accessories, and digital voices.

Character Avatar Creator Image Digital Voice

Digital voices

Meet your lifelike digital voices, assign them to characters, add sounds and exclamations.

Create your animated videos

Script editors basics

Navigate Plotagon’s revolutionary drag-and-drop interface. -

Select characters & Scences

Choose your location, add your characters, select interactions, and add text plates.

Add dialogue

Write your text, choose emotions, and either use digital voices or record your own.

Add music & Sound effects

Choose from royalty-free background music and sound effects, or import your own.

advanced visual effects

Manage establishing shots, control the camera, and import images into the scene.

save your video file

Choose video resolution and subtitle/closed caption options.

Collaboration tools

Import, export, and share scripts, characters and videos.