One of the best things about Plotagon Studio is its versatility: It’s perfect for creating marketing, internal training, and customer relations and outreach videos (among many other things), which means organizations can use the same software product across a range of departments to create new content.

Now there’s another great reason to put Plotagon Studio in the hands of more team members: With the newest Plotagon Studio release, you and your colleagues can collaborate on movies, or even make new versions and translations altogether.

Here are some of the newest features in Plotagon Studio v. 1.2.4 for Mac and Windows.

Import/Export plot

The Plot User Interface now includes two movie export options: Render video (to save an MP4 file of your finished movie) and Export plot, which allows you to save your movie with a .plot file extension. The .plot file even includes the voice recordings and any characters that you have created using the character creator.

, New Collaboration Tools!, New Collaboration Tools!

Then you can share your Plotagon movie with a colleague via email, a shared drive, Dropbox, or whatever your preferred secure method may be. Your colleague can then click the Import plot button to add the movie and any new characters.

, New Collaboration Tools!, New Collaboration Tools!

Now you can work with a colleague to enhance the same film, record new dialogue, or even create a new version or translate it into another language.

Export script to PDF

, New Collaboration Tools!, New Collaboration Tools!

We know the situation: You’re so inspired that you write an entire original script inside the Plotagon application, and now you have to get others to either approve the script or send you voice recordings. No problem! Simply press the PDF button to save the script as a PDF file. Then you will have a visual record of the script that you can send to clients for their approval or to voiceover actors so they can record and send you individual dialogue clips. Like any good screenplay, the exported file includes each character’s emotion and location within each new scene.

, New Collaboration Tools!, New Collaboration Tools!

Get the new features

Be sure to download the latest version (1.2.4) for Mac or Windows and also enjoy new content and advanced camera controls in even more scenes.

Now is the time to take advantage of our introductory pricing to get additional licenses for your team members!

As always, please email us if you have any questions about how these features can help you get the most out of your Plotagon license.