This is our most exciting update yet. Thanks to our new partnership with the Acapela Group, you can be a one-person movie studio.

When you download the free upgrade to Plotagon Studio v. 1.3.2 for Mac or Windows, you will receive two American English voices (Rod and Karen) as well as two other voices from a language or accent of your choice: American, British, or Australian English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish.

Experience what your movies will sound like with the new voices.

Play it again, in French!
See how Acapela creates its voices.

You can even get your characters to laugh, cry, breath, or cough with exclamations and sound effects. Simply type the appropriate code (e.g., #LAUGH01#) into the dialogue and hit play. Visit the Acapela Group’s website and select your character’s voice to see all the available commands.

If you want more than the standard four voices, then we have bundles of American, British, and Australian English voices, as well as French voices for sale in our online store. Over the coming weeks we will add bundles of voices in more languages as well.

To see all the voices on your account, click the Settings button (the gear icon at the top right) and then the Voices button (the speech bubble icon at the top right of the Settings page). There you can Install your purchased voices. When you create your characters, you will see the new options.

If you already have a Plotagon Studio license, then get the latest version (1.3.2) to experience the new voices, and also to enjoy even more content — now with over 150 scenes!

If you don’t yet have a Plotagon Studio license, then now is the perfect time to buy.

Last but not least, hear the voices audition for the role of Plotagon spokesperson.