Getting started with Plotagon Story

Download the Plotagon Story app and create your account

Plotagon Story is available as a free download for iOS or Android. To make sure your device is Plotagon-ready, see our system requirements before downloading Plotagon Story.


1 GB free memory
iOS version 10.0 +
iPad mini 4 (a1538) or greater
iPhone 6 or greater


1 GB free memory
Open GL 2.0
Android Api version 23 (Android 5.0) or newer
ASTC or PVRTC hardware texture support (about 50% of devices support this)
Samsung S6 equivalent or greater

If your device does not meet these requirements, please do not download Plotagon Story. It will not work on your device.

Once you install and open the Plotagon Story app, you will arrive at our welcome screen.

Click the Start button (or the movie camera icon at the bottom of the screen) and proceed to either our Characters or Plots screens to make your animated characters and movies.

Image showing the Plotagon Story welcome screen.

Customize your view

Click the Settings icon (the gear icon in the top-right hand corner of the screen) to change the User Interface language from English to another language, or switch from Dark Mode to Light Mode.

Image showing the option to switch to light or dark mode, and to change the user interface language to English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Arabic.

Choose your subscription

Plotagon Story includes free characters, scenes, and clothing for your custom characters, and you can get even more by purchasing a subscription. This is an in-application purchase that will be charged to either your App Store or Play Store account.

See the latest plans and prices by clicking the shopping cart icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

We now offer a 3 days Trial period for additional content such scenes and characters and 7 day Trial period for voices. 

, Getting started with Plotagon Story
, Getting started with Plotagon Story


You can also select a subscription by clicking on a scene, character or article of clothing that is only available in one of our subscription packages.

Tip! If you have trouble downloading your content, go to Settings and click “Restore bought scenes and characters”.