Create your 3D animated characters in Plotagon Story

Create a new character


On the Characters tab, click + Create new.

Image of the Plotagon Story characters gallery.

Experience the 3D animation

Plotagon’s characters are all in 3D. Click on your character’s face and drag to the left or right to see how it looks from different angles!

Image of an animated face in the character creator looking left.
Image of an animated face in the character creator looking forward.
Image of an animated face in the character creator looking right.

Download even more 3D animated content

Wherever a face, item of clothing or accessory appears to be faded or washed out, you can download the item to your device. (A curved arrow means that there is an updated version of that item available for download). Click the icon download the item, and then the icon will appear in full color.

Image of some shirts in the character creator. Some of them are grayed out.
Image of an article of clothing in the character creator downloading.

If you see a shopping cart icon on the clothing or accessory, then that item is only available as part of a subscription package. Click the item to make an in-app purchase of that subscription.

Image showing articles of clothing with shopping cart icons, indicating they must be purchased.
Image showing a confirmation of an in-app purchase.

Choose your background color

You can change the background color for the Character Creator by clicking on the palette icon, and then either choosing a preset color or entering a hex code.

Image of the Plotagon character creator showing background color options.

Animate your character

To see how your character will look when performing an action, click the text bubble with the smile icon, and then select an animation or expression from the list.

Image of the Plotagon Story character creator showing animation options.

Mug for the camera

At any point, you can take a snapshot of your character by clicking the camera icon. Then click the Share button to save the image to disk.

Image of a Plotagon character and the share button.

Manage your characters

On the character gallery screen, you can click the three dots beneath any character to do one of the following actions:

  • Rename character. Choose a new name for the character.

  • Delete character. Poof! The character is gone. Be careful! You cannot undo this action. 

  • Copy character. Make an exact replica of a character. This is helpful if you want to have different versions of the character with different clothing, for example. Or you could have the same character but assign a digital voice in another language (“Emily English”, “Emily Spanish”, etc.).

Image of the Plotagon Story character creator showing options to rename, copy, or delete a character.

Now you are ready to customize your 3D animated character!