Making videos with Plotagon: the basics

Making videos with Plotagon: the basics

Plotagon makes moviemaking as easy as writing. The simple user interface means you can begin making videos in minutes. Here are a few things to understand before you get started.



Character versions

If you change a character in the Character Creator, the character will be updated in all the videos in which the character appears.

If you want to change a character in one video or scene without affecting the other videos or scenes, then use the “Copy Character” function to create another version of the character.


Basic navigation

Plotagon will save your work every time you either hit the back arrow button to close the script or export your video. Your scripts are never set in stone! You can always go back and make changes, and then export your video again.

Click an icon (Scene, Dialogue, etc.) to add a new element to the script.

Click the play button to watch your movie. You can click the T icon to view the subtitles. To watch the video in full screen, turn your phone or tablet device on its side to enter landscape mode.

To delete or change the order of script elements, swipe left and then either drag the element into place or click the X icon to delete it:


Image showing a sample dialogue script.
Image showing how to move or delete dialogue elements by sliding left.
Image showing dialogue elements in a new order.