Customize your characters in Plotagon Story

Plotagon’s Character Creator lets you create and customize unique characters from a wide range of faces, clothing, accessories and more. Click on the navigation bar to build your character: 

Image showing the menu bar of the character creator.

You can click the back arrow icon ← to return to the character gallery page at any time, and Plotagon will automatically assign a name to the character and save your work. You may return and change your character at any time — even after you have saved the character!


Plotagon includes face shapes in a range of ages and ethnic diversity. Choose the face, and then choose the skin tone from among the colors at the bottom of the window. You can combine any face with any skin tone for hundreds of combinations.



Plotagon offers attractive and fun unisex hairstyles, including short, long, modern and historical styles! Click on a hairstyle and then choose the color. To have a character with no hair, click the X icon. 


Facial hair

The default is the no facial hair. (To return to this, select the X icon.) Otherwise, choose one of the facial hair options and then choose a facial hair color.


Face details

Choose the character’s eye color, makeup, eyebrow style (which will match the hair color) and lip color.


Clothing & Accessories

Plotagon Story includes hundreds of clothing items and accessories to choose from. Each comes in a wide range of stylish colors.

  • If an item appears to be grayed out, then click on the item to download it from Plotagon’s servers. Then it will appear in full, vibrant color.

  • If an item has a shopping cart icon, then that means it is available as part of a subscription plan. Click the item to choose your plan and make an in-app purchase. That will unlock the item (and many more!) so you can include it in your characters and videos.
Image showing articles of clothing with shopping cart icons, indicating they must be purchased.
Image showing a confirmation of an in-app purchase.


Plotagon includes eyewear, jewelry, hats, religious head covering, headphones and much more. Note the following:

  • You can choose only one accessory for a character at a time.

  • Not all accessories work perfectly with the hairstyles. For example, long hair may cover earrings, and some hairstyles may poke through hats or head coverings. When you locate the accessory that you want, you may wish to go back and change the hairstyle to match.

Tip: You can always use the Copy Character function to create multiple versions of your characters, for example, with or without a hat.



Choose a unisex top, and then choose the color. Many have matching articles among the bottoms, such as suit jackets and trousers.



Choose a unisex bottom, and then choose the color. Many have matching articles among the tops, such as suit jackets and trousers.



Choose the unisex shoes, boots, socks or slippers, and then choose the color. (To go barefoot, click the X icon.) Note that some shoes may not match all the bottoms perfectly, such as baggy trousers that show through the sides of boots.


Digital voice

Plotagon Story includes two American English digital voices, Rod and Karen. You can also purchase voices from the in-app store. Pick the voice to assign to your character in the videos that you create. (You can always record your own voice later.) If you have purchased other voices that do not appear here, then click Add voice.

Once you have chosen a voice, you can change the pitch using the shaded speech bubbles. A darker bubble (on the right will give you a voice with a lower pitch; a lighter bubble (on the left) will give you a voice with a higher pitch.

Image showing how to change the pitch of a digital voice.

To have a character speak with a different voice (such as another language), then you can use the Copy Character function and give the new character a different voice.

Note that all the standard characters that included in Plotagon Story for free (like Mr. Hernandez, Jessica, etc.) have the Rod and Karen voices.