Add dialogue to your Plotagon Story script

Write your dialogue

  • Click the Dialogue icon.

  • Choose the character that is speaking. (The character must be present in the scene.)

  • Type or paste the text that you would like the character to speak. 

  • Select an animation or expression. Each character starts with a “neutral” expression. Click the “neutral” text and then choose an animation from the list. Some of these are facial expressions only, others have body motion, and some include elaborate hand gestures or body motion — even dancing! Click the Play button to preview the animation. If you don’t like it, then you can always change the animation to something different.

  • If you want a character to perform an animation (or show a facial expression) without speaking, then simply choose an animation but don’t add any text.

    Tip! For the best results, make each sentence a separate line of dialogue. That way you can have different expressions or emotions to accompany the lines of text. This will make your video more fun to watch, and match the right expressions with the right words.


Record your own voice

You can replace the digital voices with human voices, and Plotagon will automatically synchronize the characters’ lips with the sound of the recorded voice in any language.

  • Select the line of dialogue and click the microphone icon.

  • Click the red button to start and stop the recording process. 

  • To hear your recording, press the play button. If you want to re-record your dialogue, press the red button again.

  • If you want to use the standard digital voice instead, click “Mute recording”.

  • Press the checkmark button to return to the script editor.