Plotagon Story User Guide

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Getting Started

Getting Started with Plotagon Story

Download the application, create your free account, and see our plans.

Create your 3D animated characters

Create, copy, and manage your customized 3D characters.

Customize your 3D animated characters

Choose faces, hair, clothing, accessories and digital voices for unique characters.

Create your animated videos

Script editors basics

Understand an navigate Plotagon’s revolutionary drag-and-drop interface.

characters & Scenes

Place your original characters in any of over 200 original 3D locations.

Add dialogue to your script

Write your text, choose emotions, use digital voices or record your own.

Sound & Visual effects

Add background music and sound effects, interactions, and text plates.

advanced effects

Manage establishing shots, control the camera, and use digital voice tricks..

save your video file

Export your video with or without subtitles to share with the world.