Project Description

Making an animated movie using StoryCubes

Author: Klas Holmlund

Subject and age range

This lesson plan is suitable for K-12 students and the subject can be varied to different needs.


Lesson time: 1 hour.
10 minutes preparation,
30 minutes creation,
20 minutes presentation.

Divide the students into small groups. A set of StoryCubes (or similar) is used to create the theme for a short movie.

For an hour-long lesson, use a smaller set of dice – 3 or 5 will suffice.


Roll the dice in front of the students and place them in a line. Explain to the students that based on the symbols the dice are showing, they are to make an animated story that incorporates the symbols in the order they are placed. The story should be completed in 30 minutes and incorporate as many (or as few) scenes as needed.

Note that it does not need to be a separate scene or character for each symbol, but can be themed in a single conversation between two characters, or even a monologue.

After the creative period, each group displays their film, first playing through the film, then explaining how the symbols are represented in the storyline.