Project Description


Author: Tim Elge, Aurora High School, Aurora, Nebraska

You or your students can create your own words problems. Either take a problem from their assignment or make up your own. Better yet, have students make up their own problems and have others create a Plotagon with their answer. Students are writing and solving math problems. Students who have language issues can now see people talking about the problem and comprehend by listening instead of struggling to try and figure out the problem by reading it. All grade levels can use this depending on the types of problems you are wanting them to solve.

Create a scene in which characters are stuck with a math problem and need to talk it out.


1. Be sure to include a setting that goes along with your problem.
2. Include two characters so you can have a conversation. (Don’t just copy down a problem with one character reading it.)
3. Include actions to go along with your characters. (Please don’t have them just standing there talking.)
4. Use your imagination!