Project Description


Author: Tim Elge, Aurora High School, Aurora, Nebraska

Set up a lesson by having the mathematician/scientist give an introduction to the day’s lesson.

Setting up a Lesson

Set up a lesson by having the mathematician / scientist give an introduction to the days lesson. Get the attention of younger students by bringing someone to life to explain their theory. With older students it can break up the monotony of teacher led instruction.

Scientist Report

Students can also use this to give reports on a scientist. Bringing them to life and talk about their life’s work. Include their growing up and school history. Why did they get into their field of work? What are their accomplishments?


  • 1. Create your scientist as close as a resemblance as possible.
  • 2. Create younger versions to talk about their upbringing.
  • 3. Create your Plotagon in chronological order.
  • 4. Use your imagination!