Project Description

History: A Day in the Life

Author: Rebekah Ebrev

Most modern reality shows feature background interviews with participants where they tell the viewers, or  an interviewer, a bit about themselves. We are going to do this with three imaginary people from the era of the American revolutionary war.

To illustrate a period of history, we use Plotagon and create a short movie of one of three persons living in one of the thirteen colonies that would ultimately make up the United States, between the years of 1765 and 1783, The movie should introduce one imaginary person who could have been part of this time, in one out of three predetermined roles.

1. Preparation

Form groups of three students. Read through the character outlines and decide on a character of your film. Your assignment is to imagine the answers to the questions posed in the assignment for your character and present them in a short Plotagon film.

2. Select and create a character

Select one of three character models based on the below brief. You should then research a realistic set of answers to the assignment questions.

  • A woman, working as a servant and nursemaid in a Boston loyalist household.
  • A man, having worked as a farmhand, now a soldier in the continental army under general Washington
  • A British merchant gentleman, trading tea to the colonies.

Select which character you would like to portray, and create a character in Plotagon for it. Make up a name for your character.

3. Create a scene

Create a scene for your character and make a film answering five questions. You can choose to have the questions asked by another character added to the scene, or have your character be alone in the scene and speak directly into the camera. If you choose the latter, consider adding a scene break between every question using the ‘Black room’ empty scene. The questions are like an interview, use your imagination, and research into the period, to create answers to these questions.

4. Answer 4 questions

  • What is your name?
  • What does your father do?
  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do tomorrow?

Answer these questions using a realistic but made up story, related to the character you have chosen. Do not make the answer too long, but feel free to make it dramatic or engaging. Use one or several scenes as needed. If you wish, you can use modern scenes, as long as the characters are dressed fro their part.

Extra credit: Use the recording function to record the answers of your characters after you have written the reply.