Project Description

Breaking News with Plotagon

Author: Muriel Raes


(young) adults/ CEFR level B1+ onwards
Groups of 3-4 students

This exercise is especially suited for shy students, as they don’t have to be in the spotlight themselves. The Plotagon characters are the real stars here.


  • students work together to agree on three recent news topics they want to include (you may want to set them a time limit)
  • they will have to use both the news studio and recreate the scenes/characters for live interviews
  • hand out the tablets
  • students write* the newsreaders’ texts and the text for the live reports; then create the characters for their story in the plotagon app and select the scenes they will use ; circulate to help where necessary
  • finally, they record the voices

*If time is short, you could have them write the texts as homework.

This exercise could also be adapted to create:

  • a news bulletin for a specific period/event in history
  • a good news bulletin
  • an overview of some major events that happened in the last year
  • a local news bulletin for their own town
  • news from the school
  • a report of important events in the students’ lives (pretending they were so famous the media want to know every detail)


Work in groups of 3-4. You are going to write a news bulletin with three headlines.

Choose three subjects that you want to include.

Decide who will be in the live reports: you could have an interview, or switch to live action, or use a voiceover …

Write the texts for the news readers in the studio, and for the live reports.

Now for the fun part! Create the characters in the character creator and select the scenes you want to use.

Finally, create the dialogues and record them. Make sure that everyone in your group contributes to the recording.