Project Description


Author: Tim Elge, Aurora High School, Aurora, Nebraska

Use Plotagon to summarize chapters or books while reading. This is a great way to engage students and make their thinking visible. Writing a book report can get boring and monotonous. Plotagon brings their words to life and encourages more creativity. They are still writing but it doesn’t feel like it.

This can be done on all levels. Elementary can use this to recreate books and provide a summary instead of writing a book report or taking a test. While older students can use this to explain symbolism, setting, plot, conflict/resolution and theme. Let students tap into their creative minds.

Lord of the Flies

Find a quote from the book that you feel defines the theme of “Good vs Evil” or “Society vs Savagery”. What key moment is the turning point that the kids have to choose what side they are going to pick and be a part of. Once you find that quote create a Plotagon to explain why you feel this way. Be sure to use the quote to illustrate your position.


  1. Include the quote you have picked out.
  2. Pick a location that will go along with your re-creation.
  3. Make your characters act out your scene. (Not allowed to just have characters stand and talk.)
  4. Explain why you chose this quote.
  5. Use your imagination!