Project Description

Arguing for or against a topic

Author: Muriel Raes


(young) adults/ CEFR level B1 onwards

Lesson duration:

50-60 minutes

Pair work

Lesson objectives:

– to use topic-related vocabulary
– to practise using functional language to give opinions


  • – pre-teach any vocabulary students will need to discuss the topic
  • – introduce the language to express opinions
  • – ask students to work in pairs; assign pairs either to the ‘for’ or the ‘against’ camp regardless oftheir true opinions
  • – students work together in their pairs to write down a list of arguments (give them about 5 minutesto do this)
  • – form large groups (depending on the size of the class, this could be two or more): one with allstudents pro, the other with all students con; they pool their arguments and use the Plotagon appto explain why they are for/against the topic
  • – students watch each others’ videos and vote (you can use a voting app for this, such as Kahoot)Example: Students argue for or against wearing school uniforms.


    – Plotagon Education app
    – Internet access if you decide to use a voting app such as
    – tablets, phones or computers (a minimum of 1 per group of 3-4 students)
    – you can find a list of topics (with arguments for and against) here:

    Why use Plotagon Edu?

    It can be daunting for students to express their opinion in front of all. Having Plotagon characters argue for or against takes away the stress for less confident students. The second part of the exercise allows them to nuance their views.