Project Description

Create a Kahoot historical quiz using Plotagon!

Author: Klas Holmlund

Lets take a look at how to create a Kahoot quiz using Plotagon movies created with Plotagon Education!

Kahoot! Is an edtech sensation that is sweeping the globe with its intuitive, colorful and versatile quiz engine, that makes it super easy to use. What could be better than combining it with the fastest, most fun way to create animation ever devised?

Lets take a look at how to create a Kahoot quiz using Plotagon movies created with Plotagon Education!

When you create a Kahoot quiz, there is an option to add an image to your question, or a video. If you are creating short videos for your quiz, Plotagon Education is the perfect choice.


There are many ways you can make your quiz more fun using Plotagon, and here we will show you just one example. We are going to make a quiz where the video is the key to answering the question. Depending on your subject, this can be used in many different ways. It can be social situations, where the students get to vote on how a situation should be resolved. It could be foreign language, where the Plotagon characters speak phrases in a recorded language, and the students get to guess which phrase was spoken. We’re going to use Plotagon to guess historical quotes.

Lesson plan

First, have your students select a quote from a historical person. There are a lot of great website resources for this, here’s one of the more popular:

Next each group select a quote by a person that would be fun to make into a movie, said by a person they can create a version of in Plotagon.

Next, the group should google the author of the quote to se what he or she looks like and create a version of them in the character creator.

Now every student group can create a short movie where the character delivers the quote. Leave out any direct references to the identity of the characters, as the object of the Kahoot! is to have the students guess the author.

Export the video to disk and upload it to YouTube.

Each student group submits a link to the film they created. Now it’s time to put together a Kahoot! based on the quotes.

The question should lead to the movie. That means, do not write a hint to the identity of the person giving the quote in the text question. It is more fun if the students have to guess by watching the animated movie carefully.

For every question, write the correct name of the originator of the quote and select three alternatives. Try finding alternatives that are plausible, for instance, if the correct answer is one Union general, make sure to select three other Union generals as alternates. This way the quiz does not get too easy and keeps being fun and engaging.

That’s it! Have fun creating this Kahoot with Plotagon Education.