The Mighty Aphrodite!
The Web Series

animation, The Mighty Aphrodite! The Web Series

Krypton Radio used Plotagon as the storytelling engine for their new web series The Mighty Aphrodite! The Web Series, the first production to feature the goddess herself as the lead character since the original transcription of the Greek myths two and a half thousand years ago.

Plotagon’s unique Character Creator allowed the producers to develop Aphrodite, Ben, and the rest of the cast, and the 3D animated scenes provided a range of locations. The production team wanted to enhance the camera movement and include some additional visual effects, so they created the desired material in Maya and edited it together with the Plotagon videos for continuity. “The result is an animated web series that we were able to produce for pennies on the dollar compared to a fully 3d animated production created by conventional means.”

Thanks to an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign, The Mighty Aphrodite! has released three episodes so far and is producing a fourth. Watch the pilot episode, “Aphrodite Ascendent”:

Learn more about the colorful Greek deity and watch the full series on the website for The Mighty Aphrodite! The Web Series.