Gamification, storytelling & scenario-based learning with Plotagon Studio

There is no better way to teach communication and real human interaction than through scenario-based learning combined with real-time, online quizzes. But why limit yourself to boring scripts, written texts, or static slides? Plotagon’s friendly, non-threatening animated characters and easy User Interface mean that anyone can convert static online training into rich, multimedia experiences. By combining Plotagon animation with tools like Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, you can upgrade your e-learning and training courses with gamification, storytelling and scenario-based learning.
See how e-learning, higher education, language, and business professionals use Plotagon to add new dimensions to their online programs.

Berlin School of Law and Economics

The Berlin School of Economics and Law has used Plotagon to create instructional videos to help their students make use of the university’s IT resources.


Nikki Heyman: Talking Talk

Speech therapist Nikki Heyman helps students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and non-verbal challenges express themselves using animated video with Plotagon.


Tracy Carroll, Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer Tracy Carroll combines Plotagon animation with Articulate Storyline to create fun, engaging online courses for business, academia, and government.