10Oct, 2019

Plotagon Studio for MacOS has been discontinued

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Plotagon Studio for MacOS has been discontinued Plotagon is discontinuing the Plotagon Studio application for Mac due to incompatibility with the new MacOS 10.15 (“Catalina”) Operating System. New users will no longer be able to sign up for trial accounts or download the Mac version of the application. If you are a Mac user with an existing paid Plotagon Studio subscription, you have three options: Option 1: Before you upgrade your Mac to Catalina As long as your computer is running MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) [...]

13May, 2019

Transfer your content to Plotagon Studio

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How to transfer your characters and plots from Plotagon Story or Plotagon Education desktop applications over to Plotagon Studio If you are switching from either of the now-discontinued Plotagon Education or Plotagon Story applications for Mac or Windows over to Plotagon Studio, you can bring your characters and plots with you! In fact, they will look even better once you can export them in beautiful 4K resolution. Just follow these easy instructions. Plotagon saves your plots and characters locally on your computer’s hard drive, so in order for you [...]

13May, 2019

Discontinuing Plotagon Story for desktop

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Announcement: Discontinuing the Plotagon Story desktop application We will discontinue Plotagon Story for Windows and MacOS on June 30, 2019. After that date, you can no longer log in or make videos in that version of Plotagon. Plotagon Story is becoming an exclusively mobile platform so we can focus our efforts on the platforms that are the most popular among our creators. If you are a current Plotagon Story desktop user, you can continue making Plotagon movies on your iOS or Android device. The mobile apps have the [...]

12Mar, 2019

Six reasons to add captions to your videos

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Six reasons why should you add captions to your videos Whether you are producing videos for training, explainers, marketing or outreach, adding text to your moving pictures can help spread your message in surprising ways. Here are six great reasons to include captions or subtitles in your next video project.   1. Better Engagement Many social media feeds begin playing videos without sound the moment they appear onscreen, and often viewers are content to let them run that way. Just how common is this? A 2016 [...]

11Feb, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day 2019! A free package filled with love! To celebrate our 14,000 YouTube subscribers (yes, that is huge!) and to show our love for all our users everywhere, we are pleased to offer you a free package in Plotagon Story for Valentine’s Day. For a limited time, you can get 9 free scenes, dresses and other fancy clothes perfect for your virtual Valentine’s Day party. Share a story about how you met the love of your life, or just send a Valentine’s card telling a [...]

11Dec, 2018

Turn up the volume with Plotagon Studio 1.8.1

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We have had a flurry of new releases in the past few weeks. First there was Plotagon Studio 1.8.1, which includes advanced audio import and volume controls. But as usual, there's much more. Amp up the volume Plotagon 1.8.1 incorporates our popular sound creator application into the User Interface itself. That means you can import .wav files as sound effects or background music directly into the application. Create your own alert noises, ambient sounds, or choose your favorite royalty-free or original songs [...]

05Dec, 2018

Classroom product information

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Classroom product end-of-life announcement Over the last few years, Plotagon has explored how we can best serve the worldwide educational community. After speaking with countless teachers, professors, and thought leaders, we have concluded that we should focus on building the best animation authoring tool for online educators, rather than maintaining different applications for teachers and students. For this reason, we have decided to discontinue our classroom application. Having a smaller number of products will allow us to innovate more quickly, produce a better product and [...]

19Nov, 2018

Five secrets to effective visual storytelling

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TRY PLOTAGON STUDIO FOR FREE During the long period when cave paintings have transformed into pixels, storytelling has never lost its power to transfix us. But it’s how we tell them that’s now changing. In the digital age, words spread fast, but video spreads faster. That’s right, video is shared 1200% more than text and images combined (SmallBizTrends). But it’s not enough to just throw some fancy sounds and visuals together, you need to have a clear sense of direction. And that’s where visual [...]

30Oct, 2018

5 reasons why animation is great for e-learning

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TRY PLOTAGON STUDIO FOR FREE E-learning is one of the most effective ways to engage learners today. Busier schedules and mobile lifestyles are driving the trend towards flexible and bite-sized learning. And in the move towards greater efficiency, more companies are now adopting this method in their learning programs. But an e-learning solution alone is not enough to ensure the success of a development program. Equally important is the method of teaching. Animation has proven [...]

22Oct, 2018

Plotagon Story is on the move

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The Plotagon Community is moving The Plotagon Story community has grown to the point that it is no longer possible for us to host all of your amazing videos. Plotagon is moving its video-sharing program outside of the Plotagon application, so users can share videos with a wider audience. This means you can create your own channels on the platforms that are right for you, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This process will happen in 3 phases. Phase 1: Now through next week [...]

17Oct, 2018

Get ready for something big . . . up to 4K big . . .

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That's right. With Plotagon Studio 1.7.0 you can now export video in up to 4K resolution, which is enough to impress on the finest professional and consumer displays on the market. And yes, there's more. Size Matters You asked for it, and we delivered. Now your Plotagon movies will look as crisp and clear as anything on TV or the Web. Our engineers have rebuilt the entire Plotagon video rendering engine from the ground up in order to give you your choice of [...]

16Oct, 2018

Five reasons why video is the future of content marketing

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TRY PLOTAGON STUDIO FOR FREE As our social media feeds, inboxes and websites fill with more information, we become increasingly selective about where we choose to focus our attention. Marketers know this, but that doesn’t mean they have less to say. It only means they need to rethink how they say it. Telling is no longer enough. You need to show as well. That’s where video comes in. Video can transform even the most complex information into something [...]

05Oct, 2018


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FunnyBread has a unique style of plotting that has led to a fantastic library of films, with stellar voiceacting and genius storylines. Among other things, Funnybread has created a series of films in collaboration with Macys, which can be seen on their website. Funnybread on YouTube:  

05Oct, 2018

FEATURED USER: The Bard Of Plotagon

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The Bard Of Plotagon is featured because of her innovation in collaborative plots and series, working to get the community plotting and creating together. Also for spreading music and singing across the app. Notably she was one of the first people to create end credits and the second person ever to sing on the app. She started a plotting format where each plot would be done by a different plotter, and also was the first to have multiple plotters from around the globe voicing parts for an original series. [...]

05Oct, 2018

FEATURED USER: Duchess Of Plotagon

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The Duchess Of Plotagon has a special style of storytelling like few others - and she's been a part of the Plotagon community since the beginning. Funny, insightful plots, often with fantastic voiceovers, is what she is known and loved for. YouTube: Twitter: Instagram:

05Oct, 2018

FEATURED USER: Teacher Muriel

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Muriel Raes has brought to Plotagon not only her skills as a teacher, but also a wonderful sense of storytelling coupled with a fantastic voice. Her films are truly inspiring.

05Oct, 2018


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Shane is a true veteran of Plotagon and the creator of some of the most fantastic series the app has ever seen. On top of that, he is a pillar of the community and always ready to lend a helping hand.  

25Sep, 2018

To all creators using Plotagon Story

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To all creators using Plotagon, We launched Plotagon Story in order to give you the power of animation for storytelling regardless of who you are. You responded with everything from personal journeys to fan fiction to celebrity satire to music videos. Thank you for making every day a surprising and fulfilling treat. Through the course of our company, we have learned a great deal about how our customers use our application, and we have always wanted to give the best experience to each and every one of you. Over the [...]

22Aug, 2018

New sights & sounds with Plotagon Studio 1.6.0

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We’re thrilled to announce the new Plotagon Studio v. 1.6.0 for Mac and Windows with some special features to make your movies sparkle. Visual filters, vocal effects, transitions, and much more! Our engineers like to experiment with new features, and over time we add some of them to the User Interface. In the meantime, we are pleased to share a few of them with our users. These include transitions like fade to/from black, white, or pixels; filters like black & white, sepia, and bloom; and vocal effects using the [...]

14Jun, 2018

2018 CODiE Award for Plotagon Education

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Plotagon wins the award for Best Creativity Tool for Students WASHINGTON, D.C. & STOCKHOLM JUNE 14, 2018 The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has awarded the Plotagon Education application from Plotagon AB the 2018 CODiE Award for Best Creativity Tool for Students. CODiE Award recipients are the companies producing the most innovative Business and Education technology products across the country and around the world. "For years teachers have been telling us how they love using Plotagon in their classrooms and helping their students make their first animated movies," said Filip Grufman, CEO of [...]

14Mar, 2018

Extra! Extra! New release, new features!

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We have a new version of Plotagon Studio today, v. 1.4.1 for Mac and Windows. In addition to the usual assortment of incredible new content from our Art team, this version has a few notable enhancements: Extra! Extra! Selected scenes now have extras, non-speaking background characters in selected scenes. Look for multiple character silhouettes on the red banner. You can turn these extras on or off within the Plot User Interface. Also, you can now download new scenes and clothing as soon as we release them without having [...]

16Jan, 2018

Acapela Group and Plotagon Launch New DIY Animation Products

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New animation software with life-like voices lets anyone be a one-person movie studio MONS, BELGIUM & STOCKHOLM (PRWEB) JANUARY 16, 2018 Acapela Group, the leading supplier of voice synthesis solutions, and Plotagon, maker of popular DIY animation software, are teaming up to bring a full animated movie studio to global e-learning and entertainment markets. With the newest release of Plotagon’s software applications, users can create 3D-style characters that come to life with Acapela’s life-like digital voices. For the first time, content professionals, teachers, students, and ordinary storytellers can make [...]

18Dec, 2017

Manage your users and passwords

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Manage Your Users Great news! Plotagon Studio users can now use our Admin tool to check the status of their accounts, manage users, and update passwords. To get started, visit the Admin site and log in using your Plotagon Studio username and password (the same ones you use to access the application). Here you will see a summary of your company account, including the expiration date. If you have purchased multiple user licenses for your organization, then you can see how many seats remain and add your user accounts on this screen: [...]

05Sep, 2017

New Collaboration Tools!

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One of the best things about Plotagon Studio is its versatility: It's perfect for creating marketing, internal training, and customer relations and outreach videos (among many other things), which means organizations can use the same software product across a range of departments to create new content. Now there's another great reason to put Plotagon Studio in the hands of more team members: With the newest Plotagon Studio release, you and your colleagues can collaborate on movies, or even make new versions and translations altogether. Here are some of the newest [...]

13Jul, 2017

Put up to four characters in the same scene in Plotagon Studio 1.1.2!

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Here's a special surprise for Plotagon Studio customers: advanced camera controls that will change the way you make movies with Plotagon. One of the most-requested features in Plotagon Story and Plotagon Education has been to have more than two characters in a scene. There are a number of technical reasons why this has always been in place. For one thing, with only two characters in a scene, the Plotagon application automatically knows where characters should look (at each other) and how to set up the shot-reverse-shot camera angles over each [...]

06Jul, 2017

Introducing Plotagon Studio: Animation for Professional Content Creators

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Businesses spoke, and Plotagon listened. We're pleased to announce Plotagon Studio, a new version of the popular storytelling and educational applications, now supercharged for professional content creators. Plotagon Studio brings our award-winning Plotagon application to a whole new level, with our unique character creator, advanced audio features, over 130 scenes, and Plotagon's easy movie-making interface. Now e-learning specialists, educational publishers, nonprofits, and marketers can create movies with beautiful 3D animation with no technical training. With Plotagon, if you can write, then you can make a movie. When you are finished, [...]

30Jun, 2017

Final Beta Testing!

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Plotagon Studio is almost ready! Plotagon Studio is in private beta while our crack team of Stockholm-based engineers and designers are putting the finishing touches on Plotagon Studio. The new application for Mac & Windows draws on years of innovation and design from our sister products, Plotagon Story and Plotagon Education. We're proud of our work and can't wait to share it with you. To request a free 14-day trial or to be notified when we launch Plotagon Studio, email: Thanks! Plotagon Joe Boston, Massachusetts, USA